Winter 2013

Winter 2013

It has been a relatively quiet winter so far.


Early afternoon Christmas Eve the "master" of the house took the dogs for a walk while the house "chef" prepared our Christmas dinner. After a couple of hours they came home, but with a dog missing. AROG the little rascal had taken a walkabout on his own, and that on Christmas Eve. Perfectl! We were not that worried about him, but have to admit we thought the poor people who might meet him chugging through the forrest like a steam train. We decided to give him a some time before going out looking for him. Just fifteen minutes we head impatient barking at the front door. Arog was back home very happy and satisfied. I'm sure he had the others on the "radar" all the time! He repeated the same procedure already four days later. Again it took only fifteen minutes before he he barked at our door to tell us he was back home and wanted in! There were some days on the leash after these to incidents. :o)


New Year's weekend we took a trip up to our cabin. We had fantastic weather (despite the snow). Throughout the four days, all our three dogs were off leash. We had invited a few close friends to celebrate the New Year with us. Asena and Cora was excited and happy when our guests arrived, but AROG was fare from happy. I must admit that I am very glad our guests are not scared of dogs. Arog was during the New Year holidays renamed Arg (means angry in Norwegian) by our friends. Slightly odd, but it is mostly men it's men he reponds badly towards. At times I wish I knew what he is thinking.


In February, Cora and I attended at the agility course. It was an active weekend indeed! Cora slept well in a few days afterwards. Really fun. This is something I definately will try again!


Otherwise, spring and early summer has been busy with a lot of basketball for Tobias.


Looking forward to summer really sets in and especially holiday in Northern Norway, with hiking and fishing.


Have a wonderful spring.



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