Summer and Autumn 2013


In connection with the summer vacation we planned operation of AROG ventre hind which appeared as the worst. In preparation for surgery, so that AROG would be prepared as well as possible, he was treated by Renate Nydal which is another very good ciropractor we've been recommended.We've never experienced strangers granted "permission" from AROG to push and squeeze him without being relatively well known to him first. Not a sound came out of him. His calmness during thetreatments confirmed that we definitely found the right human energy in terms of rehabilitation after surgery.


We were optimistic the week before surgery. As a final step in the preparations xrays of Arogs hindlegs and hips was taken. To our supprise, the surgeon could tell they detected HD in both hips, however mild degree (C). It made us relatively depressed. We felt he had enough challenges allready and now he would have to struggle with HD as well. Given that it was currently was mild, we wanted surgery of the worst ankle hopefully to relieve the strain on his hips.


The surgery went as well as expected and the surgeon was very pleased with his work. After he came home it took a long time before he came to properly to himself. But with patience and without "nagging" from the others, he was willing to move arround. It was obvious he was in lot of pain so he received strong pain killers during the first week.


The summer holiday was to be spent in the northern Norway. We left one and a half week after surgery with instructions of how to nurse Arog the two weeks we were on holiday. We drove in heavy rain, but just after passing Dovre the clouds cracked up and hope for a Storvik bathing in sunshine rose. And we had apperantly been very kind this year. For the whole 2 weeks the sun shone from dawn to dusk.


Due to AROGs ankle he was not allowed to take any hikes. But Asena and Cora got to see all Storvika has to offer, from the icy mountain lakes, snow drifts, reindeer and breathtaking peaks with views that takes your breath away. What a wonderful dog's life! The dogs got a taste of the beachlife. It was especially good for AROG having the opportunity to run around playing with the girls without straining his leg got too much.


After two fantastic weeks we turned our noses home. We stopped at Tynset and had yet again some wonderful days there - as usual. Walks in delightful terrain with lovely hosts!


Have finally taken the time to attend the basic course with Asena with Din Beste Venn (Your Best Friend). I can really recommend. This was so much fun for us both that we continued streight on the Advanced course 1! Asena was really consentrated and so eager to learn new things. And a very good thing comming out of this is to learn to ignore those she does not like instead of "bitching".


And that's not all - I've joined the dog instructor course (also with Din Beste Venn). Whether I choose to be an active dog instructor remains to be seen, but I'll learn so much about dogs, dogs and bit of myself. Can't wait!!


Have a great fall!


/ Margrethe

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