Welcome to the Monsen-clan

We are a family with seven members, four two-legged and three four-legged.


The two-legged family consists of dad Per-Yngve, mom Margarethe and the two sons Andreas and Tobias.


Our four-legged family members are dogs Asena, Cora and AROG. In addition, we had cat Suki who did not like dogs. She applied for political asylum in the fall 2011 at Margrethe's parents, who live 20 meters away. The application was granted on the basis of a strong probability of persecution in her house. After this, she has not been seen in our house, and is therefore excluded as a family member.


If you would like to know a little more about our lovely family, maybe preferably about our dogs, you're welcome to click further into the Monsen madness.




Our beautiful 3 year old Kangal-Rottweiler mix


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Our lovely 4 year old Sheltie girl.


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Our dear 2 year old Tibetan Mastiff boy.


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Latest news from the Monsen-clan



Arog is diagnosed with HD


In preperation of Arogs planned surgery to tighten the ligaments in his left hind leg the newest xrays show HD in both hips. Poor Arog, as he does not have enough challenges allready.

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