Summer 2012

Summer 2012


It was now the summer was supposed to come, but so wrong could one be. The rain didn't seem to have an end. Either one can mope inside or make the most of the weather we've got. That is what we have done that.


First evening with dry spell we took our three legged to Noeklevann with our neighbour Merete, her two poodles and Asenas hero Balder. What a sight, 3 adults and 6 more or less crazy dogs. Asena who have learned to like the art of swimming we knew would have fun, especially when the Blader came along. We were hoping that we might be able to get Cora to "jump" out in the water and take a few strokes. We arrived at the beach and it was free of people and other dogs. Asena and Balder ran into the water before we could sigh. But could we get Cora in? Merete, who also is dog instructor, had the same goal in mind with one of her poodles. And surly, it influenced our little girl. For the first time we got Cora to swim. Not just once, but again and again! She was so proud of herself that she strutted around. And now, every time we walk past water Cora runs into the water and she has become an incredibly good swimmer. We are so proud of her.


Since April, we expected that Cora would get into heat and we were actually started to get a little worried that there was something wrong with her. But when Asena came into her heat at the beginning of the month, Cora came into hers in just after a couple of days. This is Cora's second heat after she came to live with us and we have experienced hers entirely unproblematic. Asena however, has not had it that easy.


When Asena got his first of January, our everyday outright reversed. We din't understand anything. From being an angel in every way, she became a real depressive, bitchy, rowdy, destructive and disobedient lady. One should expect som behaviour at that age, but this was way too big changes. The heat ended with imaginary pregnancy. Wonderful! And now here we go again, though not as bad behaviour wise but she has been very, very depressed. It has been so bad that we saw ourselves forced to consult our veterinarian. Given that she's had 2 heats with deep depressions with imaginery pregnancies and that we do not wish any future puppies, we have by consultations with the vet decided that we will semi-castrate her. All of us will get a much better life, especially our beautiful Asena.


We got to a late start to the holiday. As soon as we got the opportunity we took a trip up to Tynset and family Thoeruds cabin. With just a few degrees and clouds threatening with rain, I thought this might become a chilly and wet holiday. But what a stay! We didn't get tempratures like in the tropics, but it got better and better every day. Several trips were made to both Troll Lake (?) and Stugusjoen. I love to walk in the terrain that area has to offer. It's so colorful and wonderful. Next time we come (at least next summer!) I'll lure Mattis to go on a photo safari with me, there are so many wonderful nature scenes.


Anne Beth took me and the kids down to Stugusjoen to try out the trout bite. We had no luck. But it was a nice relaxing trip despite the light rain. On the way home over we came across a field of sandmorel. The Sandmorel is deadly poisonous mushroom without proper preparation. Repeated meals with short intervals should be discouraged even after proper treatment. Because of the possibility that the accumulation of small, in itself harmless, ultimately can cause severe poisoning.


In particular, a three day camping trip did wonders for body and soul. We set up camp by a lake place that is rumored to be a great trout lake, Fjelltjonna. I was really looking forward to this since I've never fished the kind of trout before. We drove the cars around the mountain so that it wouldn't be too far to walk for the smallest kids and me with my bad knee. When camp was set we rushed down to the water - time to fish! It was not long before I landed my first trout. A few involuntary primal scream was inevitable. (It should be mentioned that my first catch was fifty times the size of the bait than my dear sister inlaw cought in mid-July.) All together we got enough fish to feed nine hungry mouths. We were a little unsure to whether we would be able to fish enough to feed us all so brought us so much (unnecessary) food that Per-Yngve and Mattis had to do an extra trip to get the rest of the supplies still in the cars. On their return to camp they could announce that our car had punctured. Great! And we were in the middle of nowhere.


Next morning Per-Yngve set off to the nearest mountaintop to call our insurance company. Good we have comprehensive insurance on the car. Around noon a Falck-truck came, a real gentleman, relatively quickly and plugged tire. And voila, we were drivable again. Thank you Falck!


That same day family Thorud and Monsen took a hike up to Rodalshoa. Because of my bad knee and Arogs ankle the two us stayed by camp and would rather take a few short walks in the nearby area. Usually Arog is a very leisurely sedate chap so I thought I would have the opportunety to fish for dinner, but so wrong could I be. Arog showed that day to be very impatient. His strongest desire that day was clearly to be with the big pack and not me, so I ended up having to put him on a long line. He was of course not very happy with my decision, so there was at times much barking in the valley we were camping we even scared the ants away. When Asena and Cora finally emerged from the mountainbirch grove a short distance away from the camp, he was absolutely rabid for joy. Not a single bark (AGAINST normal), only loud grunts of joy. As soon as I unhooked him he ran as fast as his legs could take him towards the arrivals, one by one, not even Anne Beth whom he liked to "scare" with a bark or two was met with nothing but a wagging tail. The pack was together again! And I could again finally relax a little .... with fishing. While the older "boys" next morning broke camp, the rest of us went back down to the lake to try and get some more fish. And surely enough, we got enough fish to yet another a dinner.


Mattis, Aslak and Per-Yngve decided to walk over the mountain back to the cabin, taking Asena and Cora with them. They had a great trip, except for one tantalizing hour. When they were well above the tree line they discovered that Cora was gone. She was nowhere to be found, despite whistle and calling. So they waited and waited. When she was still missing after 20 minutes Per-Yngve walked down the mountain again to try and find find her. After Per-Yngve was well on his way downhill a very happy and satisfied Cora came running towards Mattis and Aslak. She had probably fallen a little behind and taken another creek up the mountain. But our clever girl found the boys on her own. She remained however relatively close for the rest of the walk.


After yet another wonderful stay with the family Thorud we have now decided to make this a tradition. So next summer - watch out Family Thoerud, here we come!


The dogs were extremely tired when we got back to Oslo. The trip to our own cabin was postponed. The rest of the holiday was spent on various maintenance of dry wood on the house. Large purchase of tar, deck and terrace stain kept me active the rest of my vacation. ;o)


After a few days at home we noticed that Arog was limping on his left hind leg. Given the problems with his ankles, the vet was contacted and consultation booked the following day. And of course, inflammation in both ankles. It is probably caused by compensation of his wobbly ligaments. Little chap. He is now on pain and anti-inflammatory medications. Looks like it works great. New follow-up in a couple weeks.


Other that that, the health of our four-legged impeccable. Healthy and fit every one of them. Cora is now down to proper match weight - 8.8 kg. Asena is "no more" than 47 kg and 68 cm high which we think is just right. Arog looks to become slightly larger than Asena. He is now 37 kg and 63 cm high. We are so lucky that all our dogs are well developed socially towards both people and other dogs. Arog prefer dogs over people, unless it is the immediate family - that weirdoe. :o)


Have great "summer" all, whats left of it!



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